No not your dreams and aspirations kind of dreams, the real kind. Now what I’ve learned through my years in biology classes so far is that dreams are supposedly a way for the brain to fix it self and let’s say “upgrade” since he uses sleep to fix damage neurons and what not. In the few psychology classes I’ve been in dreams are considered to be a way for the brain to work through memory. There was also something about your subconscious being active in dreams or what not. I truly hope that the psychologists that believe that are wrong. Because if they’re right my mind is one weird place.

For example this morning I woke up with a huge question mark on my face, not literally of course. It was a dream like no other, I was in a huge swimming pool on my pirate ship which I stole from my exs mother just minding my own business, when the old woman tried to get her ship back! (Btw I’ve never met this so called ex or his mother it was just something that I knew in my subconscious in the dream) So I got kicked off the ship and onto land but the giant squid kept trying to drag me into the sea. Then I was back on the ship because the mother wanted me to save the ex from the giant squid. Then the giant squid gave me a sword. Then I was running with the 4 little orphans who were being chased by another pirate. Then the giant squid confessed he was just lonely right before I cut off his tentacles which had a hold on my leg. Then the orphans where crying because their mother was being held captive by the squid. (How are they orphans if their mother is alive?) And then…

I just decided to wake up.

So you can see why I had a huge question mark on my face when I woke up. There was nothing about that dream that I could connect to my life. No one I knew, I had been doing nothing all day but studying so no movies that it could have been from so there was only one option left. It was all from my subconscious? OH I so hope not, because if that is what my mind is analysing right before my finals I am completely screwed.


About thuohgts

Studying at the University of Reykjavik. After spending way to much time on studying I often let my mind wander about silly things that I'd like to share.

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